Mix Magazine, an industry-leading insights publication for audio and sound, featured Greg Miner and Philharmonic Studios in their February 2023 issue. The two-page spread described the intricacies that set Philharmonic Studios apart from others in the industry. From a twenty-year dream to a reality, Miner shares his experience bringing his studio to life in a serene setting.

“Having moved out of the city, I began to realize that I could offer something qualitatively different than the competition” stated Miner.

Along with dissecting how studios A, B, and C are unique in their own way— A as a side-address control room, B with Dolby Atmos, and C meant as a modern workflow room for pop/hip-hop, the feature additionally highlighted their interconnectivity. Boasting the capability for artists to book the entire facility that allows for different personnel teams to work on the same project collectively, while in different areas of the studio itself, was just another differentiator of Philharmonic Studios that encapsulates its innovative energy.

Moreover, Mix describes how the finer details of the studio have evoked a high-class, premium feel, to create a memorable client experience for all artists who step foot inside Philharmonic Studios.