A premier line of microphones is essential to capture sound as authentically as possible. DPA Microphones—a line of microphones used and trusted by Philharmonic Studios, featured studio owner Greg Miner on their website to share his perspective on why DPA has become the studio’s go-to.

The components that set DPA Microphones apart are their pristine quality in tone, clarity, rendering, and response, and with the versatility of Philharmonic Studio’s production services, their eminence is nothing short of superior.

Miner states, “With impeccable sound quality, superb transient response, and low self-noise, these microphones are ideal for all types of demanding applications.”

Their microphones are also highly compatible with the level of demand that the studio requires. From instrumental to vocal recording projects, DPA’s technology continues to embody rich sound, one notably being the 4011 Cardioid Microphone for strings, bass, piano, and more.

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