As an avid user of Neve equipment products for over 30 years, Greg Miner, Philharmonic Studios owner, was featured on Neve’s website for his testimonial on why their equipment is tried and true. The feature, also spotlighted in Headliner Magazine, explored the sophistication of Neve products and how they work well for the studio’s most demanding projects. “I’ve used all sorts of gear over the years, and time and time again, I always turn to Neve because it is the pinnacle of audio equipment,” stated Miner.

Additionally, the piece described why timeless equipment is a huge counterpart to not only recording and production sessions, but to achieving an overall positive and seamless studio experience that creates memorability for clients.

Miner adds, “We need the client services aspect. We need the performance aspect. We need the technical aspect. And if we can hit it on all three fronts, hopefully, we’ll do well.”

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